Home exercises: making the most of your osteo treatments

Your osteopath will tell you the importance of doing your home exercises to achieve the best results for your body!

Chances are you’ve visited an osteopath or physiotherapist and you’ve left with “homework” exercises to focus on until your next appointment. Why do we do this and what’s in it for you?

Well, staying fit and healthy means engaging in regular physical activity. Often when pain occurs during or after exercise it’s due to doing too much too fast or too little for too long. Moderation is key but you have to start somewhere!

When we make the choice to improve our physical activity levels, we are often discouraged by pain, injuries, or a lack of progress. As osteopaths, we use our skills of diagnosis and injury management to encourage continued physical activity and avoid aggravating pain.

Home exercise prescription

Working with your Osteo to optimise your exercises.


Working with personal trainers or your exercise rehab osteo we can help re-program your gym routine.  This will make sure you are spending your time in the gym efficiently and maximising your results.   No more repeat injuries.   This leaves you with more time for other adventures – strong and pain-free!


Why what you do at home is so important

As osteopaths, we use a variety of manual therapy techniques to decrease pain and improve mobility. Your home exercises become a continuation of our treatment session and allow the benefits of our treatment to last as long as possible. It’s your job to maintain your body in a good way until our next appointment so we can take things even further next time!

Each exercise is designed to improve stability, maintain flexibility and build up your tolerance to exercise in general.


Tailored exercise using Advanced Exercise rehabilitation platforms

At Oak Tree we use an exercise platform called PhysiApp which enables us to customise and choose from thousands of exercises for you. No matter where we need to start the rehabilitation or strength and conditioning process we can tailor it specifically for you.  The free App shows all of your exercises on your phone/tablet or desktop.  Each exercise has a video and explanation and your specific repetition and set range.  You can record your pain levels and sms feedback via the App to your Osteo about how each exercise is progressing.  You can also ask your osteopath questions directly via the App.

Click here of you would like to see a demo of how PhysiApp works

PhysiAp program for exercise prescription