osteo surrey hills

Osteo Surrey Hills – Serving the community

Here at Oak Tree Osteopathy, we deliver quality care via accredited and qualified Osteopaths. With four in-house specialists, we are able to assess a variety of clients presenting with varied health concerns. Combining wholistic therapies, we will pair each client with the most appropriate Osteopath for the best possible outcome.

What we do

Our Osteopaths deliver quality care to our Surrey Hills community including premium Osteopathic care for women, children, athletes and the elderly. For patients requiring remedial solutions for joint and back pain, postural strain including scoliosis, muscle injuries as well as pregnancy related pain, our team of specialists treat the body as a whole unit.

We assess the body from head to toe, endeavouring to locate the source of the ailment before we commence a thoroughly though out treatment program. We are gentle in our approach and commence our treatment programs with in-depth examinations to ensure we can progress towards optimal body alignment, repair and prevention for the client with a tailored program.

Our difference

Our in-house team of specialists are known for their professional and wholistic approach to client care, successfully servicing the Surrey Hills area with quality Osteopathic care for many years.

From our clinic we are able to provide the community with a central space where we can assess and treat ailments from a variety of angles. We do this by providing a service which combines a number of treatment modalities which may integrate some cross over concepts including other muscular and skeletal remedies, cupping and needling.