Osteopath Canterbury

Who we are

The Oak Tree Osteopathy team consists of four qualified Osteopaths each with their own niche approach to health and wellness. Combining therapies including cupping and needling, we like to think we offer a wholistic approach to remedial and preventative care from our Canterbury clinic.

What we do

Our team of Doctors deliver quality care to our Canterbury community including specialist care for women, children, athletes and the ageing community. We provide our patients with treatments for joint and back pain, postural strain including scoliosis, muscle injuries as well as pregnancy related pain and much more.

Our gentle approach to both muscular and skeletal assessment allows us to provide a complete body alignment, repair and prevention examination. From our Canterbury clinic we are able to provide the community with a central space where we can assess and treat ailments from a variety of angles. We do this by providing a service which combines a number of treatment modalities which may combine some cross over concepts from chiropractic and physiotherapy therapies.

Our difference

Our in-house team of specialists are known as “manual therapists”. This means we assess the body as a whole unit. We seek to identify the cause of the pain and stem our treatment process from this point. We assess local structures including muscle, joint, tendon and ligament compression in order to provide symptomatic relief. This process encourages a free pathway for nerves and vessels to function optimally while bringing oxygen to the affected area.

We view the body as a series of connections and provide a high level of remedial and preventative care from our team at our Canterbury clinic.

Osteopathic treatment pregnancy


Women’s health encompasses treatment of the female body as it navigates hormonal changes, stress and tension, and pregnancy. Our Dr’s specialise in supporting women through perinatal and post-natal care by assessing pelvic instability, pain and joint strain.

For women experiencing pre- and post-menopausal symptoms, we provide risk assessment for development and prevention of osteoporosis as well as early management of joint degeneration, pelvic floor correction and more.



For those who have worked many years in manual handling jobs, we often find our male clients present with injuries and strains caused by increased load bearing on the spine and joints. Utilising combined methodologies, we assess tight muscles, injuries and other concerns that occur in ageing males such as pelvic floor concerns, osteoporosis and fall prevention.


Osteopathic treatment Men

Osteopathic treatment children


As children grow their bodies go through various changes. The Osteopaths at Oak Tree Osteopathy Canterbury, are trained to identify, treat and manage the signs and symptoms of scoliosis, “growing pains” and overuse of muscles related to sports injuries.

We work with your child to support healthy growth, strength and movement.


Older adults:

A large portion of our clientele includes the ageing community. Ageing patients tend to present with common ailments which require assessment and treatment to relieve symptoms, increase mobility and enhance quality of life. These include assessment and management of osteoarthritis, rehabilitation, osteoporosis and more.


Osteopathic treatment older adults knee assessment for osteoarthritis

Osteopathic treatment for athletes

Sports injury & prevention:

From our Canterbury clinic, we assess and treat a variety of sports related injuries including muscle tears, joint sprains, ligament tears and tendinopathies.


Posture, strength & ergonomics:

From children at school to adults in the workplace, ergonomics refers to the angles and positions that work best for our bodies as we sit. The incorrect positioning can lead to strain and injury. Our goal is to help our clients avoid and correct this through correct set up, postural correction and strength.


Osteopathic postural assessment for children

Osteopathic myofascial cupping hamstring

Needling & cupping:

Dry needling and cupping are methods used to relieve pain and aid recovery. These methods have shown to improve circulation, reduce fluid build-up and enhance muscle tone and flexibility.