Osteo Mont Albert

Osteo Mont Albert – Serving the community

Here at Oak Tree Osteopathy, we deliver quality care via accredited and qualified Osteopaths. With four in-house specialists, we are able to assess a variety of clients presenting with varied health concerns. Combining wholistic therapies, we will pair each client with the most appropriate Osteopath for the best possible outcome.

What we do

Our Mont Albert community benefit from the readily available and premium health care services here at Oak Tree Osteopathy. We provide Osteopathic care for women, children, athletes and the elderly. We focus on providing wholistic health solutions to remedy body pains, strains, postural conditions, muscular injury, as well as pregnancy and menopausal related pain.

Our team of four highly qualified Osteopaths evaluate the client’s concerns and pain level before proceeding with a thorough whole-body assessment. Our goal is to locate the source of the pain, not just treat the area presenting with pain. We endeavour to treat patients’ ailments with a focus on prevention to reduce further injury.

Our staff is friendly and approachable with a gentle methodology geared towards encouraging long term results for our clients. Our Osteopaths aim to achieve full body alignment, repair and prevention for the client via a custom treatment program.

Our difference

Here at Oak Tree Osteopathy, we have four in-house Osteopaths each with their own specialist techniques. Our team of Doctors have successfully serviced the Mont Albert area with premium Osteopathic health care for many years.

From our Canterbury clinic we are able to provide the surrounding suburbs such as Surrey Hills and Mont Albert, with convenient local healthcare services. We assess each client to locate the source of the problem and therefore treat the pain from the root.  We provide a complete healthcare service with integrated practices which combine many proven Osteopathic treatments and complementary therapies.