Dr Mason Webb

B.H.Sc. | B.App.Sc.(Osteo)ā€‹

Available Mon, Wed, Sat

Hi, Iā€™m Mason – I am a registered osteopath who is dedicated to a true whole body approach to treatment.

I graduated my Osteopathic studies with distinction from RMIT and have developed a treatment style that is direct and thorough, encompassing all aspects of Osteopathy. I find communication and a mutual understanding of your individual problem is essential to help us find health and movement in your body.

In the past I have also worked as a rock-climbing instructor. This, combined with my knowledge of Osteopathy has enhanced my understanding of the roles of motion, balance and flexibility within each part of the body and how important they are to achieving a pain free lifestyle.

I use this experience when approaching all patients, for all ages and conditions.

I have a special interest in headaches, acute pain and long term and repetitive strain, especially flare ups of old injuries. Continued study has given me a great understanding of the science of pain, allowing us to work together with the best and most recent evidence to ease and decrease painful recurrences.

The focus of my continued professional development thus far has been in the areas of dry needling, myofascial cupping, mental health first aid and neurological needling of the head and neck.

Outside of the clinic I enjoy spending time on DIY projects around the house, yoga, cycling and I am (very slowly) learning to speak German.

-Dr Mason Webb