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Bracing and Supports!  Bauerfeind is a world leader in compression and bracing technology with an extensive range of high quality, German engineered products designed to support an active and pain-free life.

​The team at Oak Tree Osteopathy are trained fitters of Bauerfeind braces and orthoses.  Bracing and supports can speed up your recovery when professionally prescribed.

Please email us for a fitting or to place an order.

Sacroloc Back Brace

The SacroLoc back brace alleviates pelvic pain and stabilises the sacroiliac joint.


Designed to provide pain relief for the lower back region, LumboTrain features a unique friction gel pad which massages the lower back, helping to relieve muscle tension and improve posture.


The GenuTrain knee brace provides mild pain relief and stability to the knee joint. It features a new gel pad with integrated massage points which help relieve pain in the patella tendon and meniscus and provide stability.


The ViscoHeel heel cushion provides a soft cushion for the heel and offers instant relief for acute heel pain. A unique Viscoelastic gel heel absorbs shock loads on the ankle, knee and hip and helps to relieve pressure on tendons, ligaments and joints.


The MalleoTrain Plus Ankle Brace effectively stabilises twisted and sprained ankles and can also be worn to prevent foot injuries. Produced with our medical-grade compression knit, it features two, unique gel pads which help reduce inflammation and provide pain relief.


The EpiTrain Elbow Brace effectively relieves the elbow joint of tennis and golfer’s elbow.


The ManuTrain Wrist Support provides stability and relief to the wrist, especially for carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI.


The VenoTrain is a medical compression stocking. VenoTrain stimulates circulation and relieves stress on the veins in cases of mild to moderate symptoms in compression class 2.

Sports Line

The Bauerfeind Sports range provides breathable supports and compression that have been specifically designed for use during sport and physical activity.