Dr Nick Papamiltiades

B.Sc (Osteo) | M.H.Sc (Osteo)

Available Tues, Fri, Sat

Hi there! My name is Nick and I’m a registered Osteopath from Victoria University.

I enjoy using a wide range of Osteopathic treatment techniques such as soft tissue massage, manipulation and joint articulation as well as exercise rehabilitation and education for my patients.

I have an array of experience treating many unique patient complaints, from people of all different ages and activity levels. I enjoy treating neck and lower back pain, as well as acute muscular and joint pain. I believe everyone should be able to do their daily activities without pain, and I utilise every available approach to ensure my patients receive the highest care.

I am driven to continuously develop my osteopathic skillset, having previously completed a Myofascial Dry Needling and Cupping course, as well as many courses on optimal muscular tendon load and exercise prescription programs for varying regions of the human body. I am a sports trainer and am also currently completing a Diploma of Sports Medicine with FIFA.

One of my favourite things about Osteopathy is the opportunity it presents to connect with people and learn about their life. Every day, Osteopathy allows me the chance to make a positive impact on my patients lives. This I believe, above all else, brings me the most joy as an Osteopath.

I am an avid sports lover; with AFL, basketball, MMA, tennis, soccer and golf being some of my favourites. Outside of the clinic, you’ll find me immersed in one (or all!) of these sports!

-Dr Nick Papamiltiades