Dr Kirstin Guy

B.App.Sc (Hum. Move.) | B.Comp.Med |


Certified JEMs Practitioner

​Available Tue (am), Fri (pm)

Hi I’m Kirstin and I am looking forward to meeting you at Oak Tree Osteopathy!

I am a registered Osteopath graduating from RMIT University in 2007. Since then I have not stopped learning! I have completed many postgraduate courses but have predominantly followed my interest in the gentle indirect techniques such as BLT (balanced ligamentous tension), cranial, and biodynamic osteopathy for adults and children.

My goal is to get your body moving as a complete unit therefore improving your overall health and wellbeing. I love that Osteopathic treatment approaches can be as individual as the people seeking them. Each technique and treatment style is implemented in a thoughtful way that aims to address the body as a whole unit and encourages it to function optimally.

I have also worked as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and Pilates instructor for a number of years. This is why most of my treatments will combine the manual hands on side of Osteopathy with exercise prescription. I have a particular interest in JEMS based exercises and am one of the few certified JEMS practitioners in Melbourne. JEMS takes a neurosensory approach to movement encouraging you to explore the movements already available and discovering new ways to move in your whole body, which sometimes can be the key to unlocking past habits that are no longer helpful.

In my spare time I enjoy being in nature, be it gardening, or going to the beach and the bush to walk or to take photos. I also try to keep myself active with Pilates and Yoga.

-Dr Kirstin Guy