Learn how we can be of service in these challenging times via Telehealth!

At first thought, the idea of delivering Osteopathy via Telehealth seems difficult. However, while we pride ourselves on our hands-on care, many of the other essential services we offer can be delivered very effectively via telehealth!

Osteopathy is actually far more accessible via Telehealth than you might imagine. A large part of your consult at the clinic already involves a lot more than hands-on treatment and this is the same way that a Telehealth consult begins. We take a detailed case history and instruct you to perform certain movements and tests to help us determine what might be going on. Via your device, we can observe movement patterns, joint restriction and ask for your feedback regarding pain. Once we have developed our diagnosis we can then advise you on the best ways to manage your issue. This may be an imaging referral which can be e-mailed to you, a ‘what to do now’ plan when you are not coping with your pain, or better yet it may be the opportunity for you to engage in guided self-treatment.

But what is ‘guided self-treatment’? It is an excellent skill to develop and essential at this challenging time. Learning how to use your hands, a spiky massage ball or a foam roller to address and treat your own aches and pains opens up so many possibilities and allows you to be self-sufficient and self-reliant.

As osteopaths, we can direct you to position your hands and body in a certain way to help release tight muscles and restricted joints. We can guide you through muscle release, stretching, gentle joint mobilisation and postural positioning to help you help your body work through its issues. Exercise equipment is not necessary but can certainly be incorporated. You may also be surprised how household items can be re-purposed for your body as required! You may even have a family member at your disposal who can act as a spare pair of hands to help throughout your consultation!

So how will it work? We have been busy at the clinic working through the logistics of the Telehealth consultation and are really excited to report that it is ready to go! You can book your Telehealth appointment in the same way you always have via our website or click here.

Patient feedback from our initial Telehealth trials have been overwhelmingly positive with many commenting that they have been pleasantly surprised by the benefits gained!

As this is such a new service, we are offering a free 10 minute Telehealth consult so that you can decide if Telehealth is right for you.

We are really excited and very thankful that in this period of isolation we have access to technology that won’t leave our patients without the professional support and
direction that they need. For more information, check out the Telehealth Q&A page on our website.