Its time to question what you’ve heard about back pain and where your knowledge came from!


With over 45 years of practice between us, the team at Oak Tree Osteopathy often hear lots of misguided ideas about back pain from our patients. These ideas have been gathered from poorly-informed media (see Dr Oz’s clip on back pain caused by sitting) or the outdated opinions of past medical practitioners. While changing these ideas can be quite the challenge, we believe that the best results are achieved by empowering our patients with the most current knowledge!

Every year, new studies are changing our old ideas about back pain…

Back pain from sitting isn’t caused by inflammation oozing from our ‘jam doughnut’ spinal discs as Dr Oz suggests.

When bed-rest was once recommended for back pain or injury, we now know that gentle movement and exercise is better.

When your GP once told you that your disc bulge was forever, we now know that discs can heal with the right care.

With this new knowledge, its important for people to challenge what they know about their back pain and seek to empower themselves with whats current! The team at Oak Tree Osteopathy are passionately committed to providing up-to-date knowledge to every patient and tackling injuries that you thought were unchangeable.

Let us bust some of those old misconceptions and open the door to new possibilities for your back health!